Caregiver Burnout: It’s Not Just YOUR Problem

Caregiver Burnout: It’s Not Just YOUR Problem

May 14, 2013 - 11:15 am

In a society constantly on the go, it isn’t a stretch to start thinking of stress as a normal part of everyday living. This is especially so if you are a full-time family caregiver. The stress of caregiving can take a toll on a caregiver’s mind and body, often leading to depression and an overall decrease in health. But caregiver burnout isn’t just a problem for the caregiver. Prolonged caregiver stress has potentially stressful implications for the care recipient as well, as stressed out caregivers are more prone to angry or emotional outbursts.

It is important to recognize if you are in danger of experiencing caregiver burnout and seek outside help if needed. Take a look at some of the questions below to help determine if caregiver burnout may be in your near future:

  • Have you given up favorite activities or hobbies?
  • Are you developing back pain, headaches, daily fatigue, and/or depression?                                   
  • Are you getting sick more than usual?                                                                        
  • Is your temper shorter than normal in public or with friends and family?
  • Do you lash out at your loved one when he or she behaves erratically or becomes difficult? 
  • Are your other emotions more touchy than usual? Are you experiencing despair or crying for little or no reason?
  • Have you gained or lost weight unintentionally?
  • Do you suffer from lack of sleep or chronic insomnia?

If you answered yes to several of the above questions, you may be in danger of caregiver burnout and it is time to seek help. Respite care from professional caregivers, like those at Partners in Healthcare, can give you the break that you need to rest and recharge your caregiving batteries, while ensuring that your loved one is safe and well cared for. Contact Partners in Healthcare  to learn more about how to avoid caregiver burnout and keep balance in your life.

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