Caregivers Orlando, FL: Keeping Seniors Safe in the Summer Heat

Caregivers Orlando, FL: Keeping Seniors Safe in the Summer Heat

Excessive heat in the summer time is difficult for everyone especially the elderly. Senior care is important especially when the elderly are more prone to suffering from heat over exposure. The best way to keep the seniors safe is to monitor them and keep them cool and hydrated.

Check the heat index and if there is talk of the heat being too much plan indoor activities and keep the elderly in doors. Keep the air conditioning on or open the windows and have portable fans going. Take the elderly to a cool place if their home is too hot. With elder care you have to reduce their activity and keep them hydrated with water. Make sure they are dressed cool in light breathable clothing. Cotton is excellent it breathes in the heat and light colors are also good.

Seniors can suffer from heat exhaustion, heat strokes, sunburn and dehydration. Make sure they wear sunblock if they have to go outside, a hat and sunglasses. They should avoid caffeine products and if they have to go outside they should not stand pout in the heat waiting for a bus, they should be offered a ride or take a taxi.

Alternatives to Keeping Cool

If the elderly person does not have air conditioning portable fans will do or taking a cool bath or shower. A spray bottle on hand to spray constantly is also a good idea. They can also cover the windows in the house that have direct sunlight coming through to keep it cooler. Elder care can consist of eating light foods, fruits, salads etc. There is also the option of a kiddie pool, set one up in the shaded area of their property and let them relax and enjoy. Keep the cool cloth on the heads and keep the cold water flowing.

Signs of Heat Exposure

Senior care is important, If you notice the elderly person sweating profusely, or extremely thirsty, weak dizzy, or cold and clammy they might be having a heat stroke. They need to be cooled down immediately and if medical personnel on hand they will know what to do if not call 911 immediately. Staying cool and safe is key when trying to keep the elderly safe in the summer heat. Hydrate and keep their skin protected and limit activities and keep them in a nice cool place. Limit their mobility if possible and if they have to go out drive them around or put them in a taxi.


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