How to find Home Health Care Agencies for Seniors

How to find Home Health Care Agencies for Seniors

How to Find Services for Seniors

When you are looking to learn how to find Home Health Care Agencies for the Seniors in your life it can be challenging. Choosing the right agency is critical for your loved ones to remain safely in their own homes. Services are available for everything an older individual may need. Knowing what services are the most beneficial, and what to look for, will enable you to make the best choices in care.

Non-medical care

Personal living assistance can include general companionship, help in dressing or bathing and even pet care. For many seniors, just having someone available to check on their welfare will make a difference. Even a weekly visit will enable individuals to ask for help with difficulties and provide reassurance regarding health and safety.

Medication Managment

Individuals may need medical monitoring or daily help with medications. The assurance that all medications are taken correctly may make the difference needed to remain living at home. Medication management such as pill boxes can be provided by a LPN or a RN, also this can be managed by family or frients.  Medication reminders can be provided by home makers, CNAs or Home Health Aides.


A weekly or twice-weekly housekeeping service is often very beneficial. Laundry help, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and even meal assistance ensure a clean environment with less concerns for safety. Individuals or couples that are otherwise capable may find staying in their homes easier with a little housekeeping assistance.  Don’t risk hiring a friend of a friend, or an individual off the Internet your loved one deserves that you put their interest first.  Most of the caregivers advertising on-line don’t have a valid State level 2 background check and often no license or training.  


Many seniors will find that they are no longer able to get out on their own. Shopping services can involve taking an individual or group out or doing the shopping for the senior. When considering this type of service, do ask about the individual’s driving record. Look for a home health agency that provides accountability for the seniors in their care.

Yard care

Older homeowners can find yard care services very helpful in remaining in their own homes. Eliminating the concerns for grass cutting, leaf raking and snow reduces a substantial burden. When it comes to this type of service, a professional is not always needed. You might consider a responsible teenager in the neighborhood.

Respite care

If you are providing the majority of care for an at-home senior, respite services offer you an opportunity for some time off. Many times caregivers do not realize their own needs and end up worn out. A respite service provides the break caregivers need to ensure their own good health.

When you are considering any services that involve a caretaker inside a home, personal security is necessary. Only hire an agency that provides employees not contractors, checks references, both professional and personal. The home health agency has completed the Florida mandated level II FBI/FDLE background check, driving record check, drug testing, sex offender check is desirable. Also, look for professional liability insurance of $1M/$3M along with state licensed providers.

Personal Care

Personal care provides for assistance with daily activities of daily living.  These include dressing, bathing, feeding, ambulation, medication reminders, and general household chores. A plan of care should be developed and monitored by RN or a LPN.  A nurse will manage the individual caregivers that are Home Health Aides or CNAs that have been trained for home care. 

The nurses at Partners in Healthcare are available to talk with you about your in-home senior care needs including how to stay healthy at home with RN managed affordable care. We are a personal home care agency that provides elder home care serves in the Orlando area, call us at 407-788-9393.

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