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On average, the cost of elderly health care is $5,531 annually. Family members not only provide hands-on care but often dig into their own pockets to pay other expenses which include groceries, drugs and medicines, medical equipments such as wheelchairs, toilet seat risers and transportation. Many times family members have to miss work and lose out on their income to take care of elderly family members.

Is it a cold or the flu? Here's how to tell. "My body aches and my head is throbbing. Do I have the flu or is it just because I'm stressed or tired? Do I need a flu shot? Do I need the H1N1 vaccine, too?" Millions of Americans, including the elderly, will be asking themselves these and more questions this fall and winter as news reports and health care providers continue to warn about seasonal influenza and novel H1N1 influenza, otherwise known as swine flu.

This is an outstanding article which really does paint an accurate picture of what we often see happening with families this time of the year. For some, it comes as a shock, and they often have little notion of what help is available, or even what is needed. For more information or assistance, please visit us at www.partnersinhc.com.

Should Mom Be Living Alone? Recently I received a call from Michelle, an exasperated adult daughter asking if there was any legal way to get her elderly father to stop yelling, screaming and berating her, and to accept a caregiver so she could move out of his house. She had moved in to help him after her mom passed, but was now trapped as he refused to move to assisted living or accept live-in help.

Partners in Healthcare supported the SHARE the CAREâ„¢ Brunch for 150 caregivers at the Harry P. Leu Gardens, in Orlando on Friday November 13. SHARE the CARE is specialized in adult day care and respite for frail, physically and cognitively impaired adults, including those diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Parkinsons.

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