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Home Health Care for Spinal Injuries Our spinal cord is one of the most important features of our bodies. Most of the functions which we do, like sitting, bending, walking, or even moving has to do with our spine. Unfortunately, there are disorders and injuries which can leave a lifelong effect on us. In seniors,

How You Can Manage Depression with Home Health Care Services Everyone experiences feeling blue occasionally. It is natural and a huge part of life. However, when this becomes a routine and you tend to lose interest in activities you once enjoyed, it means that you need medical attention. In medical terms, you are suffering of

Arthritis, Get the facts Arthritis is way more than the aches and pains that are associated with it. In fact it’s a form of musculoskeletal disorder that consists of more than 100 diseases that affect people of all ages, races, and genders. It’s not just a disease of the elderly; half of the people diagnosed with

Discover Symptoms of Mental Illness in the Elderly More often than not, seniors have a tendency of mistaking symptoms of a mental illness for normal changes that occur as a result of aging. 1/3 adults aged 55+ do not receive the appropriate treatment for their mental illnesses because of neglect. Being knowledgeable and vigilant about

Physical Abuse Physical abuse is the intentional use of force toward an elderly person, and this conduct can result in physical injury, impairment, or pain. This type of abuse can include a physical assault, such as shoving or hitting, but it may also include inappropriate usage of confinement, restraints, or drugs. Unfortunately, physical abuse of

Millions of people around the world suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The Mayo Clinic describes the condition as a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year, usually during fall and winter, and which makes people feel moody and lethargic.  SAD easily affects elderly people, as they are often housebound through

Is Nutrition The Same At 80 As It Is At 40? Why is nutrition important for the elderly?  We all know how important it is, but what does it actually mean? The answer is, “right” is different for different people. Calorie requirements change as people age due to increased body fat, decreased muscle and less

When it comes to choosing what to put on your plate, there is no denying that some options offer more benefits than others. The right combination of vitamins and nutrients in certain foods can contribute to an all-around healthier lifestyle and work to keep the signs of aging at bay. Better yet, many of these

Noticing that your elderly parents are too old to drive safely and persuading them to give up their keys can be one of the toughest parts of the relationship that you have with them. Research by the AAA reports that many families face this struggle. As hard as getting your parents to agree may be,

Many Americans find their ability to drive wherever they want to go is one of the most fundamental freedoms they enjoy. However, as people get older, their ability to operate a vehicle can diminish significantly, and they can become a hazard to themselves and other drivers and pedestrians. Getting an aging parent to give up

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