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Nurse Registry vs. Home Health Agency – Update The following is an update from Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration’s (AHCA) home care unit May of 2015, the following link has the full presentation NurseRegistryMay_2015.pptx. Many Florida Nurse Registries continue to not be very forthcoming in disclosures to clients related to the scope of services and

Signs & Symptoms for Detecting Malnutrition in Toddlers & Infants When a couple is expecting, they take every possible measure to make sure that their new guest is healthy and that there are no complications during the entire pregnancy period.  Mom is eating healthy, staying stress free, and dad is at the toy store buying

Specializes in alzheimer’s-dementia home care Dementia can happen to anyone, and often is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, which is why many refer to it as Alzheimer’s dementia. The most common cause is a stroke or damage to brain cells due to other diseases, like diabetes, and blood pressure.  Partners in Healthcare specializes in alzheimer’s-dementia home care.

Home Health Care for Spinal Injuries Our spinal cord is one of the most important features of our bodies. Most of the functions which we do, like sitting, bending, walking, or even moving has to do with our spine. Unfortunately, there are disorders and injuries which can leave a lifelong effect on us. In seniors,

Crohn’s Disease & Elder Care Seniors are not just elderly, they are like children. They want love, affection, care, and concern. They also need a bit more health care compared to others. At this stage of life, their bodies are weak, and they cannot fight against every virus and disease they did back in the

Senior Care Nutrition and Coconut Water Emergencies can happen anytime at any day, without warning. Unfortunately, when it comes to senior care nutrition, we have to take every precaution needed as their weak bodies can barely sustain them. Even the smallest of emergencies can prove to have a life changing effect on them, but, did

How You Can Manage Depression with Home Health Care Services Everyone experiences feeling blue occasionally. It is natural and a huge part of life. However, when this becomes a routine and you tend to lose interest in activities you once enjoyed, it means that you need medical attention. In medical terms, you are suffering of

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