Hospital or SNF Discharge Planning | Home Care Agency

Hospital or SNF Discharge Planning | Home Care Agency

We understand how to create a well planned hospital  or SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) discharge for your loved one. Our RN managed home care services help get your loved one transistion safely to home from a hospital of rehab facility. Development of a recovery plan that will ensure optimal health is restored is the key component of our recovery plan.  Recovery of your loved one may involve a home exercise plan, a new medication regiment, and various follow up visits with doctor or specialist appointments. Our recovery plan will help your loved one recover safely and quickly.

In addition to planning your discharge avoiding return visit to the hospital is very important.  Because of regular, often daily, interaction with clients, our specially trained staff are often the first to recognize potential issues such as changes in fluid intake or output, swollen ankles or labored breathing, and will take action quickly before it could lead to a hospital readmission.  Avoiding readmissions to a hospital or SNF is critical to a successful home recovery program.   The key to our success is having our RNs manage each step of the process. 

To view how we help avoid readmissions to the hospital click here Avoiding Readmissions

reducing readmits.

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