Phillips Lifeline Home Safety Services

Phillips Lifeline Home Safety Services

Phillips lifeline offers a variety of services  that help keep you or your loved one at home safely.  Partners in Healthcare offers a free home assessment. When even after home safety recommendations are implemented you may need additional help. 

Personal Emergency Response System

The first consideration is a Personal Emergency Response system such as Home Safe with AutoAlert for in home safety. This is an excellent choice since it automatically detects falls while around the home. Philips Lifeline data shows that 30% of people having a severe fall can’t, don’t, or are unable to push their button. Lifeline with AutoAlert detects over 95% of falls and can automatically call for help when a fall is detected.


For those the would like the same peace of mind away from home one can consider the GoSafe System that detects falls plus it allows you to speak with a Lifeline Response Associate that can “see” your location via GPS.


Medication Managment Dispensing

Another service that allow many people to stay safely in their home is Medication Dispensing Service. The dispenser can be filled by the client, friend or family member or you can call Partners in Healthcare to schedule a nurse to provide medication management.

People 65 years and older take more prescription and over-the-counter medicines than any other age group.
• Of adults age 60 and over in the U.S., 37% use five or more
prescription drugs.
• The risk of falls for older adults taking four or more medications is three times greater.


Please call the following number to speak to our Phillips associate 800-533-8954 ext 54473. They will discuss the complete line of products available to help you stay safely in your home.

Please click the following link to view – “How to Create a Safer Home“.

Click here to download a brochure of alert devices – PERs Brochure

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