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Bonnie Charpentier - Executive Director of Nursing, RN, CDP

Very early in my life, I knew I was a caregiver. Helping others is truly what motivates me. My first job as a nurse’s aide was in a nursing home, caring for elderly individuals. Then I began my professional nursing career as an LPN and gained vast experience in eldercare.

After my sons began school, I decided to continue my education. During this same time, my dad, who had been such a strong supporter and positive influence in my life, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died a few months later at the young age of fifty-nine. I knew from this personal experience that there had to be a way to keep loved ones with their families during these trying times and hopefully to the end of their lives if that is what they desired. I returned to school and earned a degree as a registered nurse.

Homecare was relatively new and growing in Massachusetts, but I knew this was the niche in which I needed to work. My desire has always been to provide clients with the support and assistance necessary to stay independent for as long as reasonably possible. I am certified by the State of Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs as an Alzheimer’s Trainer and by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners as a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP). Today, after a multitude of changes, I find my life has come full circle. I am pursuing the same goals I did all those years ago, helping others through RN-managed home care.

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Hank Charpentier - Executive Director of Operations, MBA, MA

While working, I earned a BS in Business/E-Business, an MBA, an MA in Marketing, and I’m a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). A few years ago while in transition from my last job of 15 years, my wife expressed an interest in starting her own home health agency. Unsatisfied with the pursuit of technically-focused positions, I yearned for more control of my own destiny, and thus Partners in Healthcare was born.

I am the Home Health Agency Administrator for Partners in Healthcare, responsible for all the non-medical aspects of the business. I am passionate about the work we do. Helping others age in place safely and independently provides the personal satisfaction that I have seldom felt in other positions. As a Navy veteran and member of the American Legion, I would be honored to help all vets and their families to develop a care plan that meets their needs.


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Joann Blanck - Director of Nursing - Adult Care Services

I have been in home care for over 10 years from bedside nursing to administration. I enjoy all aspects of nursing. I worked with ages from pediatrics to 100+ age groups. I strongly encourage my patients to exhibit their true personalities at all ages. I have been happily married for over 25 years and have a daughter and son I am very proud of. I grew up in Indiana and moved to Florida in the early 80’s. I became my father’s legal guardian in the early 90’s after many medical issues crisis. I dealt with the legal community while also dealing with the medical community and learned firsthand how challenging it is for families. I knew if given an opportunity, I would become a positive force within the medical community to help other families know there are people with compassion who have been there and can help. After my father passed away, my experience continued to lead my path. My mother now lives with me due to her health, and my daughter also struggles with health issues.

My goal as a nurse is to make sure my patients/clients know that compassion and human touch is as important as the medicine from the pharmacy. I foster learning from my fellow staff members, caregivers, clients, and myself. I firmly believe we all have a responsibility to each other, that kindness, compassion, and integrity are basic building blocks to foster holistic health.


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Meghan Lightfoot - HR Admistration

Meghan Lightfoot is a  proud wife and mother of two and values family first. She has been working in the Healthcare field for over 5 years and has been in Office Administration for over 10. She has worked in many different aspects from billing and HR, to scheduling, intake and management but most importantly, client and patient care. Meghan values hard work and is always eager to learn and grow in experience. She’s an outgoing people person by nature and loves connecting with others, she has a passion to inspire with her positive attitude and believes kindness and compassion should be a daily practice and goes a very long way.


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Martha Buot - Schedule Coordinator and Healthcare Admistration

Martha earned her A.S. in Health Information Technology and is now pursuing a B.S. in Health Sciences/Administration. She has five years of experience working in the scheduling department for both nursing agencies and home health.

Martha has always enjoyed working in the background of healthcare, and making sure our clients’ needs and personalities are met through matching them with the perfect health care professional. She also enjoys supporting our health care staff in whatever way she can, as she believes that quality health care services come from a strong team.


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Kim Elfast - Billing & Invoicing

For 14 years prior to having children, Kim was the Administrative Assistant to the Director Of Trade Relations for a major pharmaceutical company in Massachusetts. Drawing on her administrative and organizational skills have made for a smooth transition to her current position at Partners in Healthcare.

Kim is very excited to be a member of the Partners in Healthcare family, and for this opportunity to assist our clients while treating them with the utmost respect and and dignity.


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Graeme Lockwood - Professional Bookkeeping Services

My personal interest in becoming a bookkeeper evolved with the failing health of my parents. Trying to take care of them long-distance—handling their bills, budgeting medical costs, navigating Medicare and Social Security—gave me insight into the need for a trustworthy professional to manage day-to-day expenses. I specialize in helping families and small business owners organize their financial lives.

I have a B.A. degree in accounting and business administration and 25 years of experience in corporate management. I’m a member of the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers, a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a registered Florida Notary Public.

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Marissa Snook - Marketing Partner

Marissa Snook, as a team member of corecubed Aging Care Marketing, has been a dedicated marketing partner for Partners in Healthcare for years. Marissa has provided ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) support along with printed and electronic marketing support.

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Jeff Nickel - Website Design/Development

Jeff has supported the web presence of several fortune 100 companies as well as helped numerous start-up businesses get their websites off the ground, including Partners in Healthcare. Ha has a B.A. in Digital Media and specializes in site design as well as photography and graphic design.

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