Medication Reminders Provide Safe Home Care in Altamonte Springs, FL

Medication Reminders Provide Safe Home Care in Altamonte Springs, FL

As the population ages, at home care for seniors has become a priority in the area of elder care. Medication reminders is a simple, cost effective service that can help keep seniors in home care longer. Modern science has remarkably lengthened our lives but without a solution for everyday assistance, home care for seniors is an expensive alternative that few can afford. Quality of life is dramatically compromised if elder care at home is not feasible.

While the cost of senior care at home runs in the thousands of dollars per month, medication reminders is a cost effective alternative that can serve to avoid nursing home or assisted living admission. Elder care issues are now a reality for most of us, caring for an aging parent or spouse takes a physical toll as well as a financial one. Many of us cannot afford to quit our jobs or retire in order to provide necessary senior care, or facilitate home care. Medication reminders is a simple service that can permit us to ensure that continued home care may be accomplished while affording us the ability to continue to work and care for our families.

The medication reminder service can, in many cases, replace costly senior care, by providing periodic reminders to the senior to take their medication on time. Medication reminders also assist senior care by helping to avoid a life endangering condition from failure to take medication such as blood pressure medicine, heart medicine, thyroid medicine, or other required medications. The senior on home care risks the danger of stroke, coma or even death if the sometimes delicate and complex medical procedures are not followed. Put simply: Medication reminders keep seniors at home longer. With the rising costs of all levels of elder care, the low cost medication reminders is a popular and welcome service for all seniors requiring care.

Medication reminders: Service for senior home care

Medication reminders is a simple and low cost way to keep a loved one at home longer, by ensuring that the senior is taking medication property. Medication reminders serves to offer the family the peace of mind necessary to allow them to continue working and caring for their other family members, jobs and other obligations. As the population continues to age, finding simple, cost-effective solutions to expensive elder care will continue to dominate our national conversation. Seniors may find themselves unable to remember a more complicated medication regimen, often leading to home care assistants at a high cost, or having to leave the home for more expensive

Home care costs have skyrocketed, while nursing home costs are similarly high. Senior care alternatives in general are expensive and the cost is rising as the demand increases. It is no longer an option for the modern family to have a family caretaker, as often every adult in the family is working. Economic reality prevents the family from providing a hired sitter for at home care, with costs approaching $ 10,000.00 per month. A nursing home will cost thousands as well.

In many cases, the senior simply is overwhelmed by a complicated prescription drug schedule and is not accustomed to taking many drugs. Many conditions common to seniors, such as hypertension and diabetes, may call for a dozen or more medications throughout the day, and many of those drugs cannot be taken together. Fear of the senior’s safety leads families to make difficult decisions about home care under these circumstances, as failure to take required medications could lead to a serious health problem such as a stroke, coma or death.

Medication reminder services can fill this gap in care easily and affordably, permitting the rest of the family to meet their obligations while ensuring the senior receives the best home care possible. The senior care plan would call for the member to receive periodic and customizable medication reminders in as much or little detail as the user wishes to receive. The senior or other family member can update the medication reminders as often as necessary.

Elder care: Medication reminders provide safe senior home care

Before considering more expensive and emotionally difficult alternatives to elder care, use medication reminders to ensure that the choice of a higher level of home care or other senior care option is necessary. For many, the move to a higher level of senior care or assistance with home care is due to memory loss and difficulty remembering to take medication. Often, the senior is capable of performing all other activities of daily living and home care without difficulty. If medication is not taken correctly, however, the senior could have an adverse reaction, a stroke, or other life altering event.

Medication reminders is a simple, cost effective home care tool that serves to ensure that the senior remains at home without intrusive and expensive senior care. In some instances, where the senior can no longer remember to take their medication, or if the medication regimen is more complicated, the only alternative for the family is expensive home care, job loss to ensure continued home care, alternative elder care placement, or nursing home admission. Among those elder care options, it is common for the senior to be placed into a much higher level of care than is necessary due to limited retirement income and lack of available family support.

The low cost and ease of the use of medication reminders as a means to avoid an early nursing home admission or a much costlier level of home care makes ordering this service a mandate for all seniors who are having short or long term illnesses or issues requiring home care. The medication reminders are given during pre-scheduled telephone calls. All medication reminders are customized to serve the needs of each senior care plan.

Every senior care plan, particularly a home care plan, should include medication reminders to assist the senior or caregiver. For advanced illness, medication reminders assist the family or professional caregiver who is overwhelmed by providing a number of services for the senior. Particularly if the home care duties fall to one family member, fatigue can lead to missed medication or ill-timed medication administration, leading to more health difficulties. By taking the guesswork out of elder care, the home care provider can be free to perform all of the other activities of daily living to ensure the senior care remains consistent.

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