Senior Care Nutrition and Coconut Water

Senior Care Nutrition and Coconut Water

Senior Care Nutrition and Coconut Water

Emergencies can happen anytime at any day, without warning. Unfortunately, when it comes to senior care nutrition, we have to take every precaution needed as their weak bodies can barely sustain them. Even the smallest of emergencies can prove to have a life changing effect on them, but, did you know that there is one emergency which you can solve within seconds just by using coconut water?

Why Coconut Water?

Seniors are fragile, which is why they are given a specific diet and the appropriate food and liquids that can sustain them, but the Coconutbest source of nutrition they can get comes from a single coconut too. For those who did not know, coconut water aids in weight-loss, gets rid of skin impurities, is a great way to get rid of hangovers, boosts hydration, reduces blood pressure and can be used as a tonic to hydrate the human body if there is a reduction in the human plasma rate.

Health Benefits

Coconut water has some very amazing health benefits; in fact, it is hard to believe that this water is so powerful. Unlike the other drinks and beverages which are consumed, coconut water actually has nutrients which boast of sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Since the water contains some of these it is typically consumed to normalize the blood pressure which waylays other medical conditions as well.

Blood Transfusions

Direct transfusion can be harmful for the patient, but a professional doctor, or a health care nurse would not have an issue performing the procedure. Giving to much calcium to the patient can prove fatal to them, but on the other hand not having enough pH levels will not benefit them either. The bodies of the elderly are not strong enough to handle such calcium rushes. The water is isotonic, making it compatible with human blood, thus allowing it to become a substitute for plasma in emergencies. Make sure no amateur uses a coconut water IV on the patient, it has to be sterilized before it can be administered. This treatment can only be done if there is a shortage of plasma and there is no appropriate IV to transfuse it into the blood.

More Benefits

It seems like there is just no end to the benefits of coconut water. The water contains cytokines, which prevents clots, aging and is an anti-carcinogenic. In case of dehydration during diarrhea, the water can be used to help the patient re-hydrate. The bioactive enzymes in the water keep the digestive system working properly, and keep the metabolism of the elderly strong. Last but not the least, coconut water is a great source for vitamin C and B complex vitamins to assist with senior care nutrition.

The nurses at Partners in Healthcare are available to talk with you about your in-home senior care needs including how to stay healthy at home with RN managed affordable care. We are a private duty home care agency that provides elder home care services in the Orlando area, call us at 407-788-9393.

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